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The 2nd International Conference on Biometrics (ICB2007) was held at Korea University, Seoul, Korea. ICB2007 was organized by the Center for Artificial Vision Research, Korea University and was endorsed by the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). In addition to IAPR, there were a number of sponsors of ICB2007, including the IEEE, Korea Information Science Society, Korea University, Korea University BK21 Software Research Division, Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, Institute of Computer, Information and Communication – Korea University, Korea Biometrics Association, Lumidigm Inc., Ministry of Information and Communication of Republic of Korea, and Springer.

ICB2007 received a large number of high-quality research papers. 303 papers were submitted from 29 countries around the world.  Of these, 34 papers were accepted for oral presentation, and 91 papers were accepted for poster presentation. 125 accepted papers were published by Springer in the volume of Advances in Biometrics, LNCS 4642, edited by Seong-Whan Lee and Stan Z. Li.

In addition to 7 oral sessions and 3 poster sessions, the program had 4 keynote speeches: 

1. “Real World, Most Demanding Biometric Applications” by Dr. Gordon Levin of Walt Disney World, USA

2. “Biometrics Standards Development - Rising to the Challenge of Technology Innovation” by Dr. Fernando Podio of NIST, USA

3. “Audio-Visual Biometrics” by Professor Thomas S. Huang of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

4. “Computer Analysis of Face Video” by Professor Takeo Kanade of Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

In addition, two tutorials also were offered:

1. “Fingerprint Recognition” by Professor Davide Maltoni of University of Bologna, Italy

2. “Biometric System Security” by Dr. Anthony Vetro of Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories and Professor Nasir Memon of Polytechnic University, USA.

187 scientists from 32 different countries participated to discuss the selected papers representing the great variety of ongoing research in the field of biometrics.

Many people collaborated to organize ICB2007.  We would like to thank all the members of the program committee and reviewers who spent their valuable time providing comments on each paper. Finally, we would like to thank the authors who submitted their papers and the attendees of ICB200. We are looking forward to seeing you at ICB2009 in Italy.

Conference ReportICB 2007


Proceedings of ICB2007

are available in the

Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series, Volume 4642






Report prepared by


Seong-Whan Lee, General Chair

Text Box: 2nd International Conference on Biometrics

27-29 August 2007
Seoul, Korea

General Chair

Seong-Whan Lee

Korea University