CIVR 2007 was held from the 7th to the 9th of July, in Amsterdam in a 17th century church. After 5 editions, CIVR has now become an official ACM Conference and an IAPR co-sponsored event. IAPR TC12 on multimedia and visual collections took an important role in organizing CIVR 2007 with Marcel Worring and Nicu Sebe as general co-chairs and Pietro Pala as one of the publications co-chairs. CIVR is set up to present the state of the art in image and video retrieval by researchers and practitioners from throughout the world and to provide an international forum for the discussion of challenges in the fields of image and video retrieval. The conference is one of the most important and influential events in this area and successfully gathered the important researchers and practitioners from academia and industry.

This year 191 submissions from 41 countries were received and, after being reviewed by the Program Committee members, 71 were accepted for presentation (22 orals and 49 posters). Additionally, there were two excellent invited presentations given by Prof. Keith van Rijsbergen from the University of Glasgow, UK, and Prof. Andrew Zisserman, from the University of Oxford, UK, internationally renowned experts in information retrieval and computer vision respectively. With well over 150 participants the conference was a great success.

A unique feature of the conference was the high level of participation from practitioners, such as content owners, producers, creators, archivists, service providers, and policy makers. This year the practitioner day was organized together with CHORUS, which is a European coordination action bringing together different European projects in the area of Audio-visual search engines. The two practitioner chairs, Jan Nesvadba and Johan Oomen did a tremendous job and succeeded in inviting key persons from the European Commission, academia, and industry, bringing them together in lively discussions.

The potential of academic results are best communicated through demos. This year the demo session contained 15 technical demos. In addition we had three life competitions on image retrieval, video copy detection and video retrieval, called the VideoOlympics, which were all being held at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the national archive for all broadcasted material.  The conference dinner was also held in this highly acclaimed building.

Conference ReportCIVR 2007

Text Box: 6th International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval

7-9 July  2007
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Report prepared by Marcel Worring
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Conference Chairs:

Nicu Sebe

Marcel Worring

Proceedings of CIVR 2007

are available online through the

ACM Portal Digital Library

The VideOlympics is a competition, which had its

first edition at this CIVR, in which several state-of-

the-art systems are competing simultaneously on a

video retrieval task.


We saw a lively event with 9 systems competing

and a highly involved audience, following the

searchers and their interfaces as well as their

achievements which were communicated live on

large scoreboards.


To get a better understanding of this event, check

out the video that was made, which can be viewed