The 2007 Computational Color Imaging Workshop (CCIW’07) was held in Modena, Italy, on September 14, 2007. The workshop, with the endorsement of the International Association on Pattern Recognition (IAPR), was organized along with the 14th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP).

While planning the CCIW’07 workshop, its organizers/chairs, Raimondo Schettini (Univ. of Milano-Bicocca, Italy), Rastislav Lukac (Epson Canada Ltd., Canada) and Alain Tremeau (Univ. of Saint-Etienne, France), aimed at bringing together the international community of imaging scientist and technologists to discuss recent advances in the areas of color image processing and analysis, ranging from theoretical developments to practical applications. Twelve papers selected for presentation at the CCIW'07 workshop documented importance and challenges of computational color imaging and provided a good starting point for the valued discussion of the workshop participants.

The workshop program included three sessions. After opening the workshop, the introductory session began with a discussion on color constancy (A. Gijsenij, Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands), followed by presentations on white chromaticity estimation (S. Bianco, Univ. of Milano-Bicocca, Italy) and color vision-based modeling (T. Jetsu, Univ. of Joensuu, Finland).

In the next session, the attention of workshop participants was brought to mathematical morphology for color images (O. Lezoray, Univ. of Saint-Lô, France), gamut expansion (M.R. Gupta, Univ. of Washington, USA), red eye removal (by L. Marchesotti, Xerox Research Center Europe, France), and color image sharpening and denoising (T. Horiuchi, Chiba University, Japan).

In the final session, the discussed themes included color bleeding removal from JPEG images (G. Spampinato, STMicroelectronics, Italy), animation movie abstract construction (P. Lambert, Univ. of Savoie, France), compacigram-based color image segmentation (O. Losson, Univ. of Lille, France), resampling for the OSA-UCS color space (G. Menegaz, Univ. of Siena, Italy) and gamut preserving image dependent color sampling (A. Tremeau, Univ. of Saint-Etienne, France). The workshop ended with an open discussion moderated by the workshop chairs on the recent trends and future research directions in computational color imaging.

It is our hope that the workshop provided a convenient forum where researchers and practitioners in digital imaging, multimedia, visual communications, computer vision, and the consumer electronics industry, who are interested in the fundamentals of color image processing and its emerging applications, could interact and benefit from these interactions. We are looking forward to seeing you at future events devoted to computational color imaging.

Workshop ReportCCIW ’07

Text Box: 2007 Computational Color Imaging Workshop
14 September 2007
Modena, Italy

Report prepared by the Workshop Organizers/Chairs
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