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The more than 800 year-old castle in the middle of the Bucklige Welt in the south of Lower Austria provided the ambiance for the traditional meeting of the AAPR members and their international friends. It was organized by Wolfgang Ponweiser and Markus Vincze (Automation and Control Institute, Vienna University of Technology) and Csaba Beleznai (Advanced Computer Vision GmbH - ACV, in Vienna).

40 scientists from seven different countries participated to discuss the 19 selected papers representing the great variety of ongoing research in the field of pattern recognition and computer vision in and around Austria. These papers were selected out of 28 submissions (that is an acceptance rate of 68%) from seven countries due to the judgment of three reviewers each. Michael Zillich from the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK was honored with the best paper award for his contribution on "Incremental Indexing for Parameter-Free Perceptual Grouping".

In addition to the regular papers, the highlights of the workshop were an invited talk by Cordelia Schmid (INRIA Rhône-Alpes) "Beyond bag-of-features: adding spatial and shape information" sponsored by Advanced Computer Vision GmbH - ACV, Austria, and a special session for three representatives of neighboring countries to give an overview of their respective research communities with the idea to initiate further collaboration in the heart of Europe.  Speakers at the special session were Dmitry Chetverikov (MTA SZTAKI, Budapest) "Computer Vision and Image Processing Activities in Hungary", Vaclav Hlavac (CMP, Czech Technical University, Prague) "R&D in Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis in the Czech Republic" and Danijel Skocaj (University of Ljubljana) "Pattern recognition and computer vision in Slovenia".  All of these presentations can be downloaded via the conference homepage:

The next AAPR workshop will be organized by Arjan Kuijper from the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM), Austrian Academy of Sciences and will be held in May 2008 around Linz. Further details will be announced at the AAPR homepage:

Non-IAPR Workshop ReportAAPR2007


Conference Proceedings

Printed copies of the conference proceedings can be ordered from:

Wolfgang Ponweiser, Markus Vincze, Csaba Beleznai (eds.)

Performance Evaluation for Computer Vision

31st AAPR/OAGM Workshop 2007

Krumbach, Austria, 3 - 4 May, 2007

Published by Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft

ISBN 978-3-85403-224-3





Report prepared by

Wolfgang Ponweiser, Chair

Text Box: 31st Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition

3-4 May 2007
Schloss Krumbach, Austria