The CRV conference series provides a high-quality forum for the Canadian and International Computer and Robot Vision communities to share their work. As usual, our conference was sponsored by CIPPRS/ACTIRF (Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society/Association Canadienne de Traitment d'Images et de Reconnaissance des Formes) and endorsed by IAPR (International Association for Pattern Recognition). CIPPRS/ACTIRF is a special interest group of the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) and is the official Canadian member of the Governing Board of the IAPR. The goal of CIPPRS/ACTIRF is to promote research and development activities in Computer Vision, Robot Vision, Image Processing, Medical Imaging and Pattern Recognition.

We were delighted to present our distinguished invited speakers Dr. Martial Hebert of Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Larry Matthies of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Dr. Michael Black of Brown University. These excellent researchers perfectly represent the combination of computer and robot vision that is the unique flavor of this conference series.

The papers that appeared were each reviewed by at least two reviewers from a 60 member program committee comprised of internationally recognized vision and robotics researchers. This year we received a total of 102 submissions, of which 26 papers were accepted for oral presentation (25 percent), while another 31 papers were accepted as poster papers (30 percent).

At the conference banquet, we were pleased to present four paper awards:

¨ Yehia T. Kotb, Steven S. Beauchemin, and John L. Barron received the  Best Robotics Paper award for their paper titled "Petri Net-Based Cooperation in Multi-Agent Systems."

¨ Vincent Chapdelaine-Couture and Michael Langer received the Best Vision Paper award for their paper titled "Can Lucas-Kanade be used to estimate motion parallax in 3D cluttered scenes?"

¨ The IAPR Best Student Paper award was given to Mohand Said Allili, Nizar Bouguila and Djemel Ziou for their paper "Finite Generalized Gaussian Mixture Modeling and Applications to Image and Video Foreground Segmentation."

¨ The IAPR Best Paper award for CRV 2007 went to Ehsan Fazl Ersi and John S. Zelek for their paper "Local Graph Matching for Object Category Recognition."

In addition, Steven Beauchemin from The University of Western Ontario received the CIPPRS award for research and service.  We thank the IAPR for their sponsoring these paper awards.  In addition to the main paper and poster sessions, our single-track program also featured a special session for the International Workshop on Video Processing and Recognition, organized by Robert Laganiere and Qiang Ji.  The Point Grey Research best student paper award for the workshop was presented to Ayman El-Sawah, Chris Joslin, Nicolas D. Georganas, and Emil M. Petriu for their paper "A Framework for 3D Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition."

These conference proceedings were published by the IEEE Computer Society, and will be available on-line through IEEE Xplore and the IEEE/IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) Electronic Libraries (IEL).  The proceedings are also indexed through the INSPEC indexing service. Thus the papers are highly visible and available, ensuring proper exposure to our authors.

Many people collaborated to organize this meeting.  We want to thank the members of our program committee for their work in reviewing papers.  We gratefully acknowledge and thank Tal Arbel and Gary Gudbranson of Precarn, who did a great job of arranging and synchronizing the co-located conferences, and our publisher Bob Werner of the IEEE Computer Society. We thank CIPPRS Treasurer John Barron at the University of Western Ontario, and CIPPRS President Gregory Dudek for their ongoing guidance and support. Thanks also to last year's CRV co-chair Ioannis Rekleitis for leaving things in good shape.

Finally, and crucially, many thanks to the authors who submitted papers, and to the attendees of CRV'07 in the wonderful city of Montreal.  We look forward to seeing you at next year's CRV!

Conference ReportCRV 2007

Text Box: 4th Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision

28-30 May 2007
Montreal, Canada

Report prepared by the CRV 2007 Co-chairs
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The CRV 2007 proceedings

were published by the

IEEE Computer Society. 



IEEE Xplore

Conference Co-chairs:

Greg Mori

Richard Vaughan