The second IAPR-TC3 Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition was organized by Friedhelm Schwenker (Program Chair, University of Ulm) and Simone Marinai (TC3 General Chair, University of Florence).


From an initial 49 submissions, 19 high quality papers were selected for oral presentation, seven as posters.  The workshop was organized in a single-track format and covered both theoretical and practical aspects of neural network research in pattern recognition. Three sessions were devoted respectively to supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning. The other sessions focused on Multiple Classifier Systems, Visual Object Recognition, Support Vector Machines and Set Covering Machines.


Besides the regular papers, there were two invited lectures. Gregory Baratoff (Siemens) presented the latest advances in pattern recognition for camera-based advanced driver assistance systems. Gunther Palm’s (University of Ulm) talk dealt with the problem of learning and understanding the meaning of words.


There was plenty of time for fruitful discussions during the regular sessions and the coffee breaks held in the “baroque” room and in the gardens of the castle.


Reisensburg is among the oldest Alemannian castles, and a Roman watch-tower probably stood here two thousand years ago. Today's castle probably originates from the 17th century, after the earlier gothic castle burned down. It became property of the International Institute for Scientific Cooperation in 1966.  Attendees were fortunate that, on the second day, a guided tour of the old city of Ulm was organized. We discovered the cathedral, “little Venice” and many other nice places.


We would like to congratulate the organizers for this excellent, human-sized workshop.

Workshop Report: ANNPR 2006

Text Box: 2nd IAPR-TC3 Workshop on 
Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition
30 August—2 September 2006
Gunzburg, Germany

Report prepared by Lionel Prevost
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General Chair:

Simone Marinai

University of Florence, Italy


Program Chair:

Friedhelm Schwenker

University of Ulm, Germany

Proceedings of ANNPR06

are available in the

Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series, Volume 4087