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The Conferences and Meetings Committee













By Larry Spitz

Outgoing chair, IAPR Conferences and Meetings Committee


The Conferences and Meetings (C&M) Committee has two principal tasks: The approval of IAPR sponsorship or endorsement of external conferences and the receipt and evaluation of proposals to host ICPR.


Each year we receive applications for sponsorship or endorsement from the organizers of approximately 20 conferences or workshops. Such applications should comply with the guidelines published on the IAPR web page. Members of the C&M Committee evaluate the proposals for compliance, but more importantly evaluate the proposals in an attempt to ensure scientific quality.


IAPR sponsorship is awarded to events organized typically by IAPR technical committees or member societies, focused on a topic or theme, with substantial international participation in the event and representation in the organizing committee.


IAPR endorsement applies to events organized by any scientific entity, including IAPR technical committees and member societies, with topics or themes which are within the scope of IAPR's technical interests as determined by the C&M Committee.


Over the past few years we have tightened the standards we use for evaluation. We now explicitly require that reviews be performed on full papers rather than on extended abstracts. We also require that organizers not penalize authors of multiple papers by increasing their registration fees. We encourage events organizers to provide a discounted registration fee to members of IAPR member societies.


We encourage publications of proceedings in such a manner that the papers will be available to the scientific community in general. A feature which not many organizers have taken advantage of is the application of IAPR levy funds to support distinguished speakers, travel stipends and best paper awards.



ICPR is a special case since it is the conference of IAPR itself.


Every two years, C&M encourages the submission of proposals to host ICPR four years hence. Proposals are submitted to C&M for initial evaluation of compliance to ICPR standards. Compliant submissions are forwarded to the IAPR Executive Committee (the ExCo) and are placed on the IAPR web site for access by Governing Board (GB) members. The committee then makes a recommendation to the GB, which selects from the submitted proposals. The winning proposal is announced at ICPR.


In the intervening four years between submission of proposal and the event, C&M monitors the progress of the organization and offers guidance and assistance in hosting of a successful ICPR from both scientific and logistical aspects.


C&M assisted in the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding between the successful bidder and IAPR formalizing the duties and responsibilities involved in the process of hosting this major conference.


We have also recently completed a first draft of explicit guidelines for hosting ICPR.