NOTE:  This is not an exhaustive list of conferences.  It is a list of conferences sponsored or endorsed by IAPR plus additional conferences that have been brought to the attention of the editor (these non-IAPR events are denoted with an *).  The IAPR web site has more up-to-date information about IAPR conferences and a link to USC’s Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems list of Computer Vision Conferences  (L. O’Gorman, ed.)

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S+SSPR 2006

International Workshops on Statistical, Syntactical and Structure Pattern Recognition (S+SSPR 2006)

6th International Workshop on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition (SPR 2006)

11th International Workshop on Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition (SSPR 2006)

Hong Kong

17-19 Aug 06


18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition

Hong Kong

20-24 Aug 06

EVA-Vienna 2006

Digital Cultural Heritage—Essential for Tourism

Vienna Austria

27-30 Aug 06

IMVIP 2006*

Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference

Dublin City University, Ireland

30 Aug-1 Sep 06

ANNPR 2006

2nd IAPR International Workshop on

Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition

Ulm, Germany

31 Aug-2 Sep 06

BMVC 2006*

17th British Machine Vision Conference

Edinburgh, Scotland

4-7 Sep 06


14th European Signal Processing Conference

Florence, Italy

4-8 Sep 06


Atlantic Europe Conference on

Remote Imaging and Spectroscopy

Preston, UK

11-12 Sep 06


International Workshop on Multimedia Content Representation, Classification and Security

Istanbul, Turkey

11-13 Sep 06


10th International Workshop on Frontiers in

Handwriting Recognition

La Baule, France

23-26 Oct 06


Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

Szeged, Hungary

25-27 Oct 06

CIARP 2006

11th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition

Cancun, Mexico

14-17 Nov 06

AVSS 2006*

IEEE International Conference on

Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance

Sydney, NSW, Australia

22-24 Nov 06


AND 2007

Workshop on Analytics for Noisy Unstructured Text Data

Held at:  IJCAI 2007  International Joint Conference on AI

Hyderabad, India

6-8 Jan 07

MVA 2007

10th IAPR International Conference on

Machine Vision Applications

Tokyo, Japan

16-18 May 07

PRIP 2007

9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Information Processing

Minsk, Belarus

22–24 May 07

SCIA 2007

15th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis

Aalborg, Denmark

10-3 Jun 07


2007 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

Orlando, Florida, USA

9-12 Jul 07

CIVR 2007

6th International Conference on

Image and Video Retrieval

Amsterdam, Netherlands

18-20 Jul 07

ICDAR 2007

9th International Conference on

Document Analysis and Recognition

Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

23-26 Sep 07



19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition

Tampa, Florida, USA

8-11 Dec 08