The IAPR International Graphics Recognition Workshop (GREC) is the main activity of the IAPR TC10.  The sixth edition (GREC2005) was held in the City University of Hong Kong, August 25-26, 2005 and chaired by Liu Wenyin and Josep Lladós.  70 papers were received (36 papers accepted in the final scientific program).  45 registered participants from 13 countries and some local students attended the workshop.


Following the tradition of the previous workshops in the series, the scientific program was organized in a single-track 2-day workshop.  It comprised six sessions dedicated to specific topics.  For each session, there was an overview talk, followed by a number of short presentations.  Each session was concluded by a panel discussion.  Session topics included Engineering Drawings Vectorization and Recognition, Symbol Recognition, Graphic Image Analysis, Structural Document Analysis, Sketching and On-Line Graphics Recognition, and Curve and Shape Processing.  In addition, a special session panel discussion was dedicated to (this year is) the tenth anniversary of GREC.  This session presented a summary of the achievements of GREC in the previous ten years and the planning of GREC in the next ten years.  Another session was arranged for reports of contests and discussion.  Selected papers of GREC2005 will be published in a book of Springer LNCS series.


Two contests were held during GREC2005.  The third arc segmentation contest was organized by Liu Wenyin and attracted 3 participants.  Dr. Xavier Hilaire, from LORIA - Université Henri Poincaré, France, won the arc segmentation contest. The second symbol recognition contest was organized by Ernest Valveny and Philippe Dosch and had 4 participants.  Mr. Feng Ming Feng, a MPhil student from the City University of Hong Kong, won the symbol recognition contest.  The contests were a big success, and the inclusion of them has become a key issue in GREC workshops. Contests are useful not only to evaluate the state-of-the-art on algorithms related to different problems in graphics recognition, but also to provide evaluation databases to the community.  This time, all the material used in the contests was distributed in a CD among GREC2005 delegates and is also available at the websites of the contests.


The social program consisted of a traditional Chinese food banquet and a day-long city tour of major attraction points of Hong Kong.  Both were well appreciated by the attendees. 


During GREC2005, we continued to discuss the future editions of GREC workshops in the aspects of the length and format of the Workshop, the relation with ICDAR, the collaboration with other close communities, etc.  Especially, since the ICDAR 2007 will be held in Brazil, these issues become urgent and should be settled down in the near future by TC10 chair and members such that we can prepare GREC2007 soon.

Workshop ReportGREC2005

Text Box: Sixth IAPR International Workshop on Graphics Recognition
City University of Hong Kong, HKSAR, China
25-26 August, 2005

Report prepared by:   Liu Wenyin
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General Chair: 

Liu Wenyin

Program Co-chair:

Josep Lladós

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