The Ninth IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications (MVA2005) was co-sponsored by the MVA Conference Committee,  IAPR TC-8, and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).  There were more than 200 participants from 24 countries.


The topics of the conference were algorithms and architectures of machine vision applications. Due to the recent growth of these research topics, especially in ITS, human computer interaction, wearable computing, security and robots,  217 submissions were received.  From these, 43 oral presentations and 102 posters were selected. 


In addition to the accepted papers, There were three invited talks: “CHIL - Computers in the Human Interaction Loop” by Prof. Alex WAIBEL of Carnegie Mellon University, USA; “Cognitive Development in a Humanoid Robot” by Prof. Giulio SANDINI of University of Genova, Italy; and “Towards Flexible and Intelligent Vision Systems: From Thresholding to CHLAC” by Prof. Nobuyuki OTSU of AIST / University of Tokyo, Japan.


The first MVA workshop was held in Tokyo in 1988, and at every MVA conferences after MVA’98, the Most Influential Paper over the Decade Award is given to the authors of papers appearing in the conference of 10 years ago which have been recognized as having had the most significant influence on machine vision technology over the subsequent decade. At MVA2005, three papers presented at MVA’94 were selected for this award: “An Autonomous Three-Dimensional Vision Sensor with Ears” by Shigeru Ando, “Disparity Selection in Binocular Pursuit” by Atsuto Maki, Tomas Uhlin and Jan-Olof Eklundh and “Video Retrieval Method Using a Sequence of Representative Images in a Scene” by Akio Nagasaka, Takafumi Miyatake and Hirotada Ueda.


At the next MVA conference, we are looking forward to having excellent papers and discussions with many researchers from all over the world.

Conference ReportMVA 2005


Katsuhiko Sakaue
Mikio Takagi

Text Box: 9th IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications
16-18 May, 2005, Tsukuba Science City, Japan
Report Prepared by:   Mikio Takagi and Katsuhiko Sakaue, Conference Co-Chairs
and Yoshinori Kuno and In So Kweon, Program Co-Chairs
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