Text Box: Dear Dr. O'Gorman, 

Although I have not been actively involved in pattern recognition research for more years than I care to admit, from time to time I do continue to try to keep some contact with activities in the field. Thus, it was with unexpected pleasure that I read your article entitled "Books, Books, Books" in the July IAPR Newsletter. 

When Peter Hart and I wrote the predecessor to DHS almost 30 years ago, we had no idea how explosively the field would develop.  I still remember expressing my concerns to Tom Cover about how one could justify teaching a university course on a topic of such narrow interest.  Tom's response was that statistical pattern recognition was a perfectly good excuse for teaching linear algebra and probability theory, and that students would find these basic topics valuable even if they never encountered any pattern recognition applications. 

Without Peter's great encouragement and David Stork's energy, creativity and enthusiasm, the second edition would never have seen the light of day.  Some of the reviews of DHS that appear on amazon.com are considerably more harsh than the mild complaint that you included.   As you can imagine, there is no honor that is more gratifying than to receive recognition from one's peers, and I am still basking in the warm glow of your report. 

Dick Duda

Letters to the Editor

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